Winter Retreat - 2014

Patrul Rinpoche's "The Heart-Essence: Advice on Two Ethics", and Rigdzin Dupa and Chöd practices

We are very happy to announce that the annual Winter Retreat will take place in Dharma City between Christmas and New Year.

Patrul Rinpoche will unfortunately not be able to be in Dharma City this winter. Khenpo Thubten Lodru Nyima will therefore grant us teachings, on two categories of subjects:

  • In the morning: A text by Dza Patrul Rinpoche, "The Heart-Essence: Advice on Two Ethics", a preview of which is available here.
  • In the afternoon: The practices of Rigdzin Dupa and Chöd (Loud Laugh of the Dakini).

This will give the opportunity for newcomers and older students to discover the beauty and depth of Dza Patrul Rinpoche's writings that always aim at digging out and getting rid of our afflictive emotions for the benefit of all.

For the students following the six-year Dzogchen practitioners' course, Khenpo will summarise the key aspects of the practice of Rigdzin Dupa and Chöd, giving a bit more time to the latter since the former was already studied in 2013.

Khenpo will mainly teach in Tibetan and be interpreted in English or French depending on the audiance. A French translation will be provided if needed.

The Loud Laugh of the Dakini will be practiced every evening. Please take your damaru, kangling, vajra and bell if you have them.

Event Details
Buddhist Course
Lopön Tsering Gönpo (Khenpo Thubten Lodrö Nyima)
Fee Information: 
    Following Rinpoche's wish to make events in Dharma City more affordable to Sangha members we made it cheaper to the last possible limit. If you have possibility please consider a donation to help us sustain Dharma City.

    Participation fee includes the costs to organise the retreat, infrastructure, course materials and meals: 

1- Food: 15€/day
2- Course: 20€/day; if you only wish to attend the morning or afternoon sessions, please consider 10€ per session and add a comment in your enrolment form. You will also need to recalculate the total amount and not follow the proposed calculation.
3- Accommodation:

- Dormitory: 5€/night 
- Caravan (if available): 5€/night
- Tisha Rooms (not currently available):
* One place in a double room: 17,5€/night
* Single room: 25€/night
* Double room: 35€/night
* Family room (3 people max): 45€/night
* Tisha room sponsors: deducted from their package of 400 nights
- off-site: no additional fee
We were really hoping to offer a comfortable accommodation for our dear Tisha Room sponsors, but we are still in the process of legalisation and hopefully it will be finished in Spring 2015. We apologise for the inconvenience.
  • During the event (course without food is not possible): 1+2+3 
  • Extra days: 1+3
The total contribution is automatically calculated based upon these prices and information you provide in the registration form below (if you are a registered user, please login first). Then you may proceed with the payment:
  • Bank details will be given below at the start of the enrollment
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Contact Details: 
From 26 to 31 December 2014:
- 7h30-8h30: Ngöndro
- 10h-13h: The Heart-Essence: Advice on Two Ethics
- 15h-18h: Explanation of the practices of Rigdzin Dupa and/or Chöd
- 20h-21h: Chöd practice
On New Year's Eve, the Chöd practice will be replaced by the practice of Rigdzin Dupa followed by a party!

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