Guidelines for the smooth running of the courses



  • Please ensure that the atmosphere is suitable for practice and study. E.g. we suggest that it might be better to socialise where it does not disturb anyone.
  • Please remember that the course site including the garden is a no-smoking area. This is to ensure that the atmosphere is conducive for study/practice and to reduce fire risks.
  • Please do not burn candles or light incense which will help to reduce fire risks.
  • The consumption of alcohol is not allowed (including the evenings) as drinking and being on retreat don’t go together.


  • Please could you maintain silence. This is to ensure that the atmosphere is conducive for study/practice.
  • Please could you remove shoes before entry to ensure that the infrastructure is kept clean.
  • Please remember to turn-off phones before entry so as not to disturb the teaching or practice sessions.
  • To save space could you leave bags, etc. outside. Thank you.
  • Please remember that no food or refreshments except for plain water are to be taken into the temple. This is to avoid stains being made on study books and the flooring.
  • As a mark of respect please do not walk over texts and keep them off the floor. There are shelves for study materials at the entrance of the teaching hall. Books found on the ground will be placed on the shelves. For the same reason, do not step over the study tables. Do not point your legs toward texts, the shrine or the teacher. The Buddha himself said: “At the end of five hundred years - My presence will be in the form of scriptures. - Consider them as identical to me - And show them due respect."
  • If you’d like to have an announcement made please write it down and give it to the person responsible for announcements or to Reception.


  • You are welcome in front of the building. Please do not leave you car in the court yard.


  • We are very short of hot water this year. So please use as little hot water as possible when you take a shower (turn off the water when you’re soaping yourself), so that everyone has a chance to take a hot shower every day.


  • The electric power of the building needs upgrading. You may only plug your private electronic devices in at Reception (any device found somewhere else will be unplugged). This is the only way to be able to provide sound during the teachings, and to cook meals.


  • Please do not walk by the street, as cars go very fast.
  • The forest and the path near the centre does not belong to us, and seem to be used for military training. It is therefore strictly forbidden to go there.

Kitchen & Restaurant

  • The kitchen area is reserved for kitchen staff only. This is to ensure that meals are provided efficiently and hygienically.
  • The cups and cutlery of the restaurant may not be taken away. In this way we can make sure that we have all we need during our meals.

ZPI Reception & Office

  • The access of the office is reserved to office staff only.
Thank you for your understanding.


Although the Dzogchen Centre will do all it can to ensure the safety of people’s belongings, it cannot accept liability should anything go missing.