Winter Retreat 2010

"The Precious Bodhi Tree" and "The Refined Drop of Immortality"
We are very happy to announce that The Winter Retreat 2010 led by Patrul Rinpoche will take place 26 to 31 December at Dharma City, Florennes, Belgium. Rinpoche will teach on The Precious Bodhi Tree, a text composed by himself, profound and an inspiration to instill impartial compassion, an indespensible quality on the path to liberation.

Highlighting accurately the relationship between the sickness of ego-grasping and samsara on the one hand, and medicinal impartial compassion and nirvana on the other, the wish-fulfilling Precious Bodhi Tree aims at sowing the seed of bodhicitta in us, powerfully instilling compassion and inspiring us to take refuge in its shelter until we attain the supreme fruit of unchangeable Buddhahood.

We are also priviledged this year, as in past years, that Konchog Khandro will teach on The Refined Drop of Immortality: A Longevity Mandala Practice of Arya Tara, the Wish-Granting Cakra composed by the 8th Garchen Trülku, Trinle Yongkhyab during The Winter Retreat and 1 and 2 January 2011.   If you wish to attend please complete enrolment before 30 November. The texts will be available at Dharma City.
This mind of the bodhi tree always produces
medicinal branches of compassion,
leaves of understanding,
flowers of loving-kindness,
and the fruit of realization
which understands the truth.
Patrul Rinpoche

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A student's impressions about the 2008 Winter Retreat in Dharma City 
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Buddhist Course
Patrul Rinpoche
Dharma City
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5620 Florennes - Belgium
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