Training: Supply Chain SAP

The logistics chain managed by SAP: the global integrated ERP solution

These courses are intended to explain the world of the Enterprise Resource Planning solutions such as SAP. What is their fundamental and critical part in the international trade world? How can their efficiency re-shape the entire scope of business making?
What difficulties can we encounter and what do we need to know when engaging in implementation projects?

SAP ERP Overview
How are they conceived and organized?
How do they map the reality of businesses and industries?
How to implement them?
Which are its main challenges?
Which are the best practices and things to know?

Because they combine business and system understanding and integration, these courses are intended for both business and system-oriented individuals. Their aim is to provide the audience with the tools and knowledge required for successfully completing the ERP journey.

  • SAP Introduction and Organisational structure
  • SAP Process overview and Master data
  • SAP Materials management
  • SAP Sales and distribution
  • SAP Global trade
While following the framework of the standard SAP courses, the formation will focus on particular aspects of the business reality, and tackle the main milestones, constraints, and key points of their implementation.

Trainers: Assen Lozanov and Yury Gruznov
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Open to All
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- 150€ per module (3h)
- 600€ for all 5 modules (15h)

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Every Saturday from 10am to 1 pm. The course is provided with live system access, projected in a vast spacious room. Participants receive training material and documentation.